Off-the-shelf, validated solution that meets
seasonal influenza vaccine challenges


Custom assays designed to accelerate vaccine
development and manufacturing

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Let our scientists develop a custom VaxArray Kit for your
unique application, or analyze samples for you

Accelerate Vaccine Development

Explore how VaxArray automated multiplex assay solutions
can enhance your bioprocess development and CQA testing

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InDevR’s automated, multiplex immunoassay solutions for vaccine testing consolidate multiple assays into a single test to significantly reduce testing times and improve overall assay sensitivity and specificity for novel vaccine development, optimization of existing formulations and production scale-up.

Simplify. Standardize. Speed Development.

Hear how Vaxess Technologies saved significant time and resources using the VaxArray Platform for novel vaccine development on their MIMIX Patch Platform.

VaxArray® CQA Test Kits


Simplify and accelerate characterization of HA and NA antigens. Monovalent and multivalent kits for reliable subtype specific quantification of vaccines from egg- and cell-based production methods or mRNA and viral vector protein expression.


Quantification of antigen or antibody response for vaccine development. Multiplex measurement of both pandemic and endemic strains of SARS-CoV-2.

Measles & Rubella

Same-day antigen quantitation. Analyze monovalent measles, monovalent rubella, or bivalent vaccine samples.


Simultaneous analysis of up to 23 polysaccharide serotypes in a single assay. Rapid and sensitive identity, quantity, and stability testing of monovalent and multivalent bioprocess samples, drug substance and drug product.


Serotype specific & stability indicating poliovirus antigen quantification. Get results in as little as 1 hour.

InDevR’s Instruments and Services

VaxArray® Platform

Novel analytical system and kits. Flexible assay with applications for antibody or antigen captures.

CypherOne™ System

New standard in data integrity for HA and HAI assays. Automated analysis of hemagglutination and hemagglutination inhibition assays.

Expert Services

Discover how our team can transform your vaccine production process. Expert Services accelerates your vaccine development by providing customized, cost-effective solutions to tackle the novel challenges faced in during vaccine development and manufacturing.

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