VaxArray® for Poliovirus

Fast, Multiplexed, Serotype Specific Quantification of Poliovirus D-Antigen

Get results in less than 1 hour

The VaxArray Polio Assay Kit is an off the shelf standardized alternative to in-house D-antigen ELISAs, improving identity and potency testing of vaccines that contain poliovirus antigen. Applicable throughout each stage of manufacturing, from bioprocess development and monitoring to release testing and ongoing stability testing. The VaxArray Polio Assay relies on the human mAbs developed by PATH for Type 1, 2, and 3 Poliovirus D-Antigen.

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  • Easy-to-use kit delivers expedited results in less than 1 hour
  • Enables unprecedented lab-to-lab consistency with standardized off the shelf kits
  • Multiplexed assay allows analysis of mono-, bi-, or trivalent samples using the same kit
  • Compatible with adjuvanted vaccines
  • Applicable for a variety of polio vaccines, including combination childhood vaccines
  • Uses well-characterized human mAbs for improved relevancy to vaccine potency


  • Applicable in combination vaccines where the poliovirus D-antigen is included.
  • Useful at multiple stages of vaccine manufacturing including: bioprocess development, optimization, monitoring, monobulk formulation, final formulation, release testing, and stability monitoring.

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