VaxArray® Portfolio

Bringing Vaccine Analytics Into the 21st Century

A multiplexed immunoassay specifically tailored for vaccine applications

The VaxArray platform allows vaccine manufacturers clearer insight into the evaluation, manufacture and release of their vaccine products. Simplify analytical development with a wide range off-the-shelf assay kits. Move from clinical evaluation to process optimization to potency testing with a single platform designed exclusively for the vaccine industry. A portfolio of assays addressing multiple vaccines makes the VaxArray portfolio a flexible and powerful tool for vaccine manufacturers.

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VaxArray Products


  • Flexible assay with applications for antibody or antigen captures
  • Fast and easy with <30 minutes hands on time and 2 hour time to results
  • High throughput with up to 576 tests simultaneously
  • Reagent-sparing microarray format
  • Superior sensitivity to traditional analytical technologies for vaccines
  • Stability tracking with captures sensitive to conformational epitopes to ensure detection of intact antigen.
  • Wide compatibility proven with whole virus, split virus, subunit vaccines, recombinant proteins, virus-like particles, and animal or human serum samples.
  • Compatible with purified, crude, in-process and adjuvanted samples


  • Antigen identity
  • Antigen quantification
  • Antigen stability, purity
  • Antibody serological testing
  • Vaccine clinical efficacy
  • ELISA replacement

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