Career Opportunities

Vaccine development has always been important, but now it’s even more critical.
Join InDevR’s team to help our customers deliver vaccine results faster and create more awareness of InDevR’s products.

Open Positions

Marketing Manager

Core Values

  • Scientific Integrity: We believe in science and the principles upon which it is founded. We will adhere to these principles in pursuit of knowledge.
  • Personal Integrity: We will be honest and endeavor to “do the right thing” every day for our customers.
  • Quality: We will take pride in our work and constantly strive for excellence.
  • Respect: We will treat every person with the respect that each of us would want to receive.
  • Accountability: We will take responsibility for our products and actions.
  • Common Sense: We will rely on intelligence and common sense, rather than corporate dogma, to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Global Environment: We will strive to minimize our footprint on the planet while seeking to improve the health of its inhabitants.