Career Opportunities

InDevR’s success is a direct result of our team of dedicated individuals who strive to create novel tools for the life science industry.

There are currently no open positions.

Core Values

  • Scientific Integrity: We believe in science and the principles upon which it is founded. We will adhere to these principles in pursuit of knowledge.
  • Personal Integrity: We will be honest and endeavor to “do the right thing” every day for our customers.
  • Quality: We will take pride in our work and constantly strive for excellence.
  • Respect: We will treat every person with the respect that each of us would want to receive.
  • Accountability: We will take responsibility for our products and actions.
  • Common Sense: We will rely on intelligence and common sense, rather than corporate dogma, to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Global Environment: We will strive to minimize our footprint on the planet while seeking to improve the health of its inhabitants.