VaxArray® for Coronavirus

Clinical Efficacy and Vaccine Potency Testing from a Single Platform

Analytics for coronavirus vaccines compatible with next generation vaccine platform technology

Accelerate coronavirus vaccine development by utilizing VaxArray’s rapid analytical platform to empower vaccine clinical efficacy studies, investigate population-level seroprevalence, or provide insight into vaccine manufacturing steps. VaxArray is a powerful platform technology, rapidly deployed to address the need of manufacturers developing life saving coronavirus vaccines. Use the VaxArray Coronavirus Spike Protein Assay for analysis of vaccine samples, or use the VaxArray Coronavirus SeroAssay for simultaneous measurements of antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 antigens and other endemic human coronaviruses.

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Coronavirus SeroAssay


  • Fast and easy with <30 minutes hands on time and less than 1 hour to result
  • Multiplexed analysis of current and past endemic strains
  • 100% Clinical Specificity and and 98.5% Clinical Sensitivity
  • Compatible with recombinant, peptide, VLP and other advanced vaccine technologies


  • Evaluate serological samples from preclinical and clinical studies
  • Screen immunological profile of study participants against all human coronaviruses
  • Quantify vaccine immunogenicity
  • Confirm cross protection against 7 different coronaviruses
  • Research population level seroprevalence

Coronavirus Spike Protein Assay


  • ~ 1 hour from samples to result. 30 minutes hands on time
  • Analysis of vaccine binding to ACE2 protein
  • Lower limit of detection is <15 ng/mL
  • Compatible with recombinant, subunit, VLP, and other advanced vaccine technologies


  • Quantify antigen directly
  • Optimize manufacturing process steps
  • Control vaccine quality in release testing
  • Evaluate stability and ACE2 binding of vaccine
  • Characterize vaccine samples
  • Monitor vaccine shelf life

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