Vaccine Development

Next Generation Tools for Vaccine Analytics

Versatile technology for enabling all stages of vaccine development

Development of vaccines is a complex process, requiring detailed work, done under high pressure, with rapid timelines. Lengthy and outdated analytical assays are commonplace and can slow down development processes. Vaccine technology and bioprocessing has advanced significantly in recent years. Bring your analytics into the 21st century with InDevR’s products that reduce timelines, simplifies workflow, and improves standardization across facilities.

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Bioprocess Optimization

Analytics for any process step, using any production platform

InDevR’s VaxArray® Portfolio of products can be used to identify and quantitate vaccine antigens in crude sample materials efficiently. No need to worry about complex matrices interfering with your measurements. Kits specific for a single antigen can be used to optimize seed strains or track antigen levels throughout the bioprocess stages.  Quantify antigen recovery during optimization and quickly and efficiently explore potential improvements to each process step.

Quality Control

Simultaneous Analysis of All Antigens in Multivalent Vaccine Formulations

VaxArray Influenza Kits provide simultaneous quantification of multiple vaccine antigens in a single formulation.  Using monoclonal capture antibodies selected for their binding to conformational epitopes, VaxArray is a biologically relevant and stability indicating measure of vaccine potency. This innovative assay significantly reduces the cost and time associated with stability analysis of stored monobulk formulations and for vaccine potency testing.

Considering a vaccine area not listed here (RSV, Rubella, HPV, etc)?  VaxArray Custom Services will create an assay tailored to your specific testing requirements.  Our experienced team of scientists have successfully worked with many varieties of vaccine products including whole virus, split virion, subunit, and recombinant platforms, in mono and multivalent formulations.

Preclinical and Clinical Testing

New Analytical Tools for Establishing Vaccine Efficacy

CypherOne™ is the new gold standard for determining hemagglutination. Studies to determine immunogenicity of new vaccines are often lengthy and require countless hours spent manually interpreting hemagglutination inhibition assays (HAI).  By incorporating machine learning into HAI assay interpretation, CypherOne is able to reduce operator time and error while also standardizing across facilities. Add digital record keeping, electronic signatures, and user permissions into the package to enable easy compliance with regulatory standards.

Clinical immunogenicity studies often require complex microneutralization or other serological assays that are time consuming and imprecise. Why wait days for serological analysis? SeroAssays with the VaxArray Platform enables multiplexed serological testing for several antibodies in a single sample.  These multiplexed assays provide rapid, sensitive, and precise quantification of antibody levels in clinical serum samples and can also enable investigation of cross protective antibodies all with the same tool used on a single sample with a 2 hour time to result.

Veterinary Vaccines

Rapid Results in Crude Matrices

CypherOne automates interpretation of agglutination assays for many samples including Influenza (Avian, Swine, Equine, Canine), Avian Paramyxovirus 1 (Newcastle disease), and Mycoplasma gallisepticum/synoviae, plus many other disease areas.  Use one platform for characterization of viruses, bacteria, and antibodies for characterization of both infection and inhibition, with all analytical data stored in a single database. CypherOne enables faster disease surveillance in animals and speeds vaccine development, production, and assessment of efficacy.