Serological Testing

Next Generation Analytical Tools for Serological Analysis

Get more data from serological evaluation studies

InDevR offers analytical tools that enable rapid, simple and multiplexed antibody measurement in both animals and humans. Evaluate seroconversion of subjects in clinical studies, quickly compare vaccine formulations, or pre-screen clinical study participants all with the same powerful platform technology. VaxArray’s multiplexed format allows for analysis not only for SARS-CoV-2 antigens, but also for all known human related endemic coronaviruses including OC43, 229E, HKU1 and NL63.

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Vaccine Pre-clinical and Clinical Studies

Rapid quantification of immune response and protection

Quantifying the immune response is key to determining the protection induced by a candidate vaccine. The VaxArray® Platform with our SeroAssays can quantify antibody levels across multiple serotypes or even multiple antigens to provide greater insight into the depth and breadth of protective response induced by the vaccine candidate. The SeroAssays use 10–100x less reagent than a typical ELISA and can provide >9x more information per sample.

The new standard for determining hemagglutination and hemagglutination inhibition

If you currently rely on hemagglutination and/or hemagglutination inhibition for evaluating the immunogenicity of vaccines or vaccine candidates, InDevR offers CypherOne™ as a means to standardize interpretation, create traceable digital records, and eliminate manual interpretation errors.

Seroprevalance and Serosurveillance

Quantitative results for Coronavirus antibodies in mouse or human sera

VaxArray® Coronavirus SeroAssays are designed to provide the best epidemiological information by measuring antibodies for SARS CoV-2, SARS-CoV-1, MERS, HKU1, OC43, 229E, and NL63 simultaneously with a single sample in one assay.  By providing quantitative data for seroprevalence of antibodies for all coronaviruses known to infect humans, the VaxArray CoV SeroAssay provides greater insight into coronavirus or vaccine-induced antibody levels with high specificity and sensitivity.

Create a multiplexed serological test tailored to your specific requirements

VaxArray® Custom Services can develop a multiplexed serological assay kit tailored to your specific testing requirements.  Our experienced team of scientists have successfully created kits using a variety of antigen panels.  VaxArray SeroAssays offer reduced hands-on time and improved performance compared to traditional ELISA and microneutralization techniques, and can provide multiple answers from a single <10 µL aliquot of sample.  Commercially produced custom kits allow standardization between studies for multiple labs and locations.

Veterinary Diagnostics

Standardize your hemagglutination interpretations and improve your methods to record results.

Effective poultry and swine management, as well as pet health and wellness, rely on critical serology tests such as hemagglutination inhibition and serum plate agglutination assays for virus detection and disease diagnostics. The CypherOne allows these tests and results to be interpreted with a standardized imaging method and digitally recorded to ensure accountability.