InDevR Awarded $2.9 M to Advance Titer on Chip® for Pandemic Flu Vaccines

BOULDER, CO–(Marketwired – July 22, 2014) – InDevR, a Boulder-based life science company, announced today that it has received an SBIR Phase II grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) (R44AI102318) to expand application of its new vaccine potency assay to pandemic influenza vaccines. The award is approximately $1 M per year over three years.

InDevR recently launched Influenza Titer on Chip (Flu-ToC™) as a service to vaccine producers for rapid evaluation of seasonal flu vaccine potency. The kit-based product is anticipated for release in the Fall of 2014. Phase II-sponsored efforts will focus on a version of Titer on Chip that can be used to determine the potency of vaccines developed against potential pandemic viruses, including the deadly avian H5N1 and H7N9 viruses.

Flu-ToC utilizes a panel of subtype-specific and broadly-reactive antibodies that enable reliable multiplex quantification of flu HA despite antigenic drift. The technology can be used to quantify HA protein in a variety of media, including crude extract, bulk drug substance, and multivalent drug product. The system has been shown to work with split viruses, virus-like particles, and recombinant HA. Flu-ToC was recently selected by the Department of Health and Human Services as one of five techniques to be evaluated by members of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) as an alternative to the current time-consuming method for seasonal vaccine potency determination, the single radial immunodiffusion (SRID) assay.

“We are tremendously excited about the Phase II grant from NIAID. It will enable development of an advanced version of Titer on Chip for more efficient and more effective characterization of flu vaccines. Time-to-product can be critical in the vaccine industry and it will be especially important in the event of a pandemic, where a matter of days or weeks could affect thousands of lives. InDevR is dedicated to developing new tools to empower those who develop vaccines and the Titer on Chip platform is a key component of a portfolio of products we will offer” said Dr. Kathy Rowlen, InDevR’s CEO.

InDevR is currently considering partnerships as a means to distribute the Flu-ToC platform globally. Interested parties should contact InDevR.

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InDevR has a demonstrated commitment to innovative solutions for the life science industry. With focus on enhancing vaccines and other biotherapeutics, InDevR has emerged as a leader in progressive new analytical technologies that enable accelerated development and manufacturing of these life-saving products. For more information about the company and products, please visit or call 303-402-9100.

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