InDevR Collaborates with I&L Biosystems to Market Products in Western Europe

I&L Biosystems GmbH Opens the European Market for InDevR Sales and Customer Support

April 04, 2017 06:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

BOULDER, Colo.–InDevR, Inc., an innovative life science company dedicated to improving biopharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing, is pleased to announce an exclusive sales, marketing and customer support relationship with I&L Biosystems GmbH and its subsidiaries. The distribution agreement includes sales and support for the Cypher One™ and soon to launch VaxArray™ product lines throughout Western Europe.

InDevR manufactures and sells Cypher One™, an automated hemagglutination analyzer used by biopharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers and veterinary diagnostic labs. The Cypher One™ system automates and standardizes HA and HAI analysis and provides a digital, traceable record to enhance data quality and reliability. InDevR is also developing a comprehensive vaccine potency platform called VaxArray™. When fully launched, the VaxArray™ platform will measure both hemagglutinin and neuraminidase content of both seasonal and pandemic influenza. VaxArray™ will enable biopharmaceutical manufacturers the ability to generate consistent potency data throughout upstream and downstream testing and enhance process recovery applications. InDevR’s products support vaccine developers and manufactures by providing faster turnaround times and improved results at an affordable price. More information can be found at:

I&L Biosystems, a European sales and marketing leader, was founded in 1991 and has been growing ever since. With a focus on sales and distribution of high-quality laboratory equipment to customers and researchers in the field of microbiology, cell biology, biotechnology and process control, I&L Biosystems have established themselves as a proven leader. I&L Biosystems is located in Germany and expands its coverage of western European countries through subsidiaries located in the Netherlands, France and UK. I&L Biosystems’ mission complements InDevR’s unique product lines as both are focused on modernizing the field of life science with respect to vaccine development and production.

“I&L Biosystems brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise to our current and future customers. They offer in-country support with a team of native language speakers that really understand the challenges, successes and trends our European customers experience on a day to day basis,” said Dawn Bitz, Chief Commercial Officer of InDevR. “We are excited to reestablish this relationship with a trusted partner.”

“Our long-lasting relationship with InDevR is based on trust, scientific exchange and a fundamental connection. The combination of InDevR’s knowledge and I&L Biosystems’ experience in the European market is grounded in past successes. Now we are proud to introduce InDevR’s newest technologies into Europe with the confidence that InDevR instruments will be an incredible benefit to our customers,” said Dr. Sandra Balkow, Scientific Sales Director of I&L Biosystems GmbH.

About InDevR

InDevR has a demonstrated commitment to innovative solutions for the life science industry. With a focus on enhancing vaccines and other biotherapeutics, InDevR has emerged as a leader in progressive analytical technologies which has enable accelerated development and manufacturing of their life-saving products. For more information about the company and products, please visit or call 303-402-9100.

About I&L Biosystems

I&L Biosystems GmbH and its subsidiaries offer high-tech Life Science products throughout all of Europe. They not only build long lasting partnerships with established suppliers around the world but also continuously integrate new technologies into their portfolio. They offer both evidence based scientific consulting as well as professional technical services, which allows them to provide their customers with the best possible support from initial contact throughout installation and beyond. For further information please visit