Vaccines Summit 2021 – September 20-22, 2021

InDevR will be virtually exhibiting and giving a short talk at The International Conference on Vaccines Summit 2021. The talk is titled “Customer Case Studies of Rapid Vaccine Analysis for Corona, Influenza, and more”.

Speaker: Scott Fu

Title: Field Application Scientist

Date and Time: September 22, 11:10-11:30 EST

Bio: An avid biomedical researcher employed as a field application scientist to help introducing innovative novel analytical instrumentations and assays improvement to the developing and manufacturing process of vaccines and any other biotherapeutics. Scott fundamentally understands the current challenges and issues in the field of vaccine research with his vast experiences working with many different teams ranging from regulatory, research & development, and commercial services.

Event Location: Online

To visit our booth and attend our presentation click the link below for more info about the event:

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