The VaxArray® Platform

Simplify & Accelerate Vaccine Development and Manufacturing

The VaxArray System is a simple to use microarray detection system allowing analysis of VaxArray Assay Kits for vaccine development, manufacturing and production, clinical efficacy studies, and serosurveillance.


  • 2 hour time to result with only minutes of hands-on time to prepare
  • Multiplex assay format allows more answers per test
  • Implement a single, consistent assay throughout vaccine production processes
  • Use the same platform for clinical studies
  • Create custom VaxArray kits to provide the best workflow for your lab
  • Commercially produced kits allow standardization from lab to lab


  • Antigen identity
  • Antigen quantification
  • Antigen stability and purity
  • Antibody serological testing
  • Vaccine clinical efficacy
  • ELISA replacement

System Features

  • 64 samples/standards per run
  • Up to 576 tests simultaneously
  • Automation compatible sample format
  • Software is 21 CFR Part 11 compatible

Slide Features

  • Microarray has 16 wells in an 8 x 2 well format
  • 16 samples/standards per slide
  • Up to 4 slides per read
  • Each well contains 1-9 unique capture molecules
  • 9 replicates per capture molecule