VaxArray® Platform

Accelerate Vaccine Development and Manufacturing

A fluorescence imaging platform that streamlines analysis of VaxArray® Portfolio  Assays

The VaxArray Platform is a simple, easy to use system enabling rapid imaging and analysis of VaxArray Assay Kits. Rapid, high resolution fluorescent imaging of microarray assays tailored to provide insight into vaccine development and manufacturing as well as enabling new analytical applications in vaccine clinical efficacy, immune profiling, vaccine stability, and vaccine potency measurements. Analysis is performed using a custom software package with built in data integrity tools simplifying regulatory compliance.

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  • As little as 1 hour to result with only minutes of hands on time to prepare
  • Multiplex assay format allows more answers per test
  • Implement a single, consistent assay throughout vaccine production processes
  • Use the same platform for clinical studies
  • Create custom VaxArray kits to provide the best workflow for your lab
  • Commercially produced kits allow standardization from lab to lab


  • Antigen identity
  • Antigen quantification
  • Antigen stability and purity
  • Antibody serological testing
  • Vaccine clinical efficacy
  • ELISA replacement

System Features

  • 64 samples/standards per run
  • Up to 576 tests simultaneously
  • Automation compatible sample format
  • Software is 21 CFR Part 11 compatible

Slide Features

  • Microarray has 16 wells in an 8 x 2 well format
  • 16 samples/standards per slide
  • Up to 4 slides per read
  • Each well contains 1-27 unique capture molecules
  • 3-9 replicates per capture molecule

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