Custom Services and Kits

Customize VaxArray® Platform for Your Application

Your unique application requires a customized solution

Our scientists can customize a multiplexed immunoassay to provide the critical answers your project requires. InDevR’s team of talented scientists operate under an efficient ISO 13485:2016 quality management system with Design Controls for product development. VaxArray’s multiplexed technology can reduce testing time, lower costs and standardize your analytical processes.

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InDevR’s Custom Kit Advantages

  • Create either multiplex antibody or antigen assays to answer more questions with less testing effort
  • Reagent sparing microarray format greatly reduces volumes of precious assay reagents and requires less sample
  • High specificity and stability indicating assays offer important clinical relevance
  • Commercially produced kits allow standardization across multiple labs and groups
  • Proven with split virus, subunit vaccines, recombinant proteins, virus-like particles, plus animal and human serum samples


  • Custom antibody kits for rapid quantification of antigen levels during bioprocess development, improvement, monitoring, or potency testing
  • Custom antigen kits to measure vaccine response in clinical specimens or for serosurveillance studies
  • Replacement of ELISAs to improve time to result and reduce reagent usage

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Typical Development Process Includes

Printing Feasibility

  • Screen capture and detection reagents for printing conditions
  • Determine specificity and relative sensitivity

Performance Assessment

  • Measure LOD, LOQ
  • Evaluate linear range
  • Test intra-lot precision

Manufacturing Validation

  • Test inter-lot precision
  • Develop QC protocols
  • Create documentation and custom packaging