Introducing OmniFlu HA

Simplify Influenza Vaccine Production

High Specificity, Broad Reactivity

The OmniFlu Hemagglutinin (HA) Assay contains multiple antibodies per influenza subtype for comprehensive multivalent detection of influenza HA from a wide range of expression systems, including egg-based, cell-based, recombinant, and proteins expressed after mRNA-transfection. The capture reagents are pre-validated for high specificity between influenza A/H1, A/H3, B/Victoria and B/Yamagata subtypes and lineages across every WHO biannual strain recommendation.

Product Details

Description Specification
Format 16 Chamber Microarray Slide
Kit Size 2 Slides, 32 Samples and/or Standards
Compatible Production Platform Egg-based
Cell-based (MDCK)
Recombinant (Sf9)
mRNA-expressed (HEK-293, Hep3b)
Target HAs H1, H3, B/Victoria, B/Yamagata
Seasonal Reactivity Assessment Reactive with most recent WHO strain recommendations (egg and cell) for Northern and Southern Hemisphere
Time to Result < 2 hours
Instrument VaxArray
Software Version 3.X

Streamline Your Production

OmniFlu HA is only one of the innovative kits designed for use on the VaxArray® Platform. This easy-to-use benchtop device enables vaccine developers and manufacturers to simplify and standardize their workflows. Explore additional kits and learn how the VaxArray Platform can help you optimize your production line.

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