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Have only a few samples, prefer to outsource, or need confirmation via another method?

InDevR offers a range of testing services to support and streamline vaccine research, development, and manufacturing. Our experienced team of scientists, with proficiency in the vaccine space, can provide quick, accurate, and reliable results. Send us an inquiry and InDevR’s team will work with you to assess your project needs and provide you with testing services in a timeline that works for your project.

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Available VaxArray® Testing Services

Influenza Vaccine Assays

Hemagglutinin, Neuraminidase, and Nucleoprotein assays for measuring relevant antigen levels during vaccine development.

Coronavirus SeroAssays

Serological testing using multiple Cov2, SARS, and MERS antigens for detection of antibodies in serum.  Our 9-antigen multiplex assay provides more data with <10 µL.

Coronavirus Spike Protein Assays

Characterize vaccine samples, evaluate stability and ACE2 binding of vaccine.

Measles and Rubella Vaccine Assays

Same Day Quantitation of Measles and Rubella Antigens.

Poliovirus Vaccine Assays

Serotype specific testing for all types 1, 2, and 3 poliovirus serotypes.

Pneumococcal Vaccine Assays

Identify, quantify, and assess stability of up to 23 high priority serotypes in a single assay.

Custom Kit Assays

InDevR can develop a custom kit that perfectly meets your vaccine development or serological testing needs.  Our team has experience with Measles, Rubella, Rabies and many other areas of vaccine development.  InDevR can also provide Testing Services with your custom kits and provide results.

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